The Brontë Pin

Pitch-A-Tent Records/Veritas, 2017

The Bronte Pin
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  1. The Brontë Pin pt.1
  2. The Bastards Never Show Themselves
  3. Duat! Duat!
  4. Up From The Cane
  5. Boar’s Head
  6. The Brontë Pin pt.2
  7. 23rd Century Hard Bop
  8. John The Gun
  9. The Honorable Death Of The 100 Million
  10. The Sinking Of The Essex
  11. The Last Leviathan (interpolating Rabbit’s Foot)
  12. Osiris Rising

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The Bronte Pin

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What’s Left For Kicks?

Magnetic, 2006

What's Left For Kicks?

  1. The 15th (Newman)
  2. Light In The Sky (Hillage/Giraudy)
  3. Forever (Harper)
  4. New Saigon (Pell Mell)
  5. No Looking Back (Bramah/Baines)
  6. The Calvary Cross (Thompson)
  7. Oh Well pt.1 (Green)
  8. Dedicated To You, But You Weren’t Listening (Hopper)
  9. “La Dolce Vita” Suite: a)The Black And Crazy Blues (Kirk) b)Parlami di me (Amurri/Rota) c)La Dolce Vita (Verde/Rota)
  10. King Kong (Davies)
  11. Hurricane Fighter Plane (Cunningham/Thompson/Barthelme)
  12. Calvary (Duncan)
  13. Poison (Jansch)
  14. Moon In June (Wyatt)
  15. Für Immer (Dinger/Rother)

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IRS Records, 1992


  1. Flint Jack
  2. Flow
  3. Tanguedia (For Astor Piazzolla)
  4. Virtual Lover
  5. Queen of Fortune
  6. Dust
  7. What Does a Man Require?
  8. A.O.A.
  9. Cigarette Man
  10. Off on a Comet
  11. Tanguedia (Reprise)
  12. Chaos Is Not Dead

The Insect God

C/Z Records, 1992

The Insect God

  1. The Insect God
  2. Chang
  3. Let’s Split
  4. If It Don’t Kill Me
  5. Who Are The Brain Police?

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Moist/Baited Breath, 1991


  1. Cherry Blossom Baptism
  2. Riverbed
  3. Turn It On Itself
  4. Geode I
  5. Door To Success
  6. The Traveler
  7. [Untitled]
  8. Argentine Dilemma
  9. The Better Angels Of Our Nature
  10. Going South
  11. Follow The Queen
  12. Hieroglyphic
  13. The Harbor Incident
  14. Miracle Mile
  15. Geode II
  16. Circassian Beauty

The Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company

Pitch-A-Tent Records 1989, reissue IRS Records, 1992.

The Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company

  1. Vaporize Your Crystals
  2. The Vivian Girls
  3. All In Good Time
  4. Voodoo Vengeance
  5. Taste Of Tendon
  6. Trapped
  7. The Evidence You Hide
  8. Unexplained Murders
  9. The Beach Of Deception
  10. Untitled
  11. Broadcast At Midday

Soundtrack to the Film "Breakfast on the Beach of Deception"

Pitch-A-Tent Records, 1987, reissue IRS Records, 1992

Soundtrack to the Film Breakfast on the Beach of Deception

  1. In Anticipation Of The Pope
  2. Blues On Sunday
  3. Facts About Spiders
  4. Ukranian Technological Faith Dance
  5. Lappish Tea Song
  6. B-Music
  7. Fall From Grace
  8. Save Me From Myself
  9. Visions From The Acid Couch
  10. Insana And Her Manchild
  11. Jim Gore And The Ghost Of Missouri
  12. The Haunting Of An Eastern Man’s Mind
  13. Eldridge Street